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    2017-01-19-Invitation to Bid

    2017-02-06-Invitation to Bid

    2017-03-16-Invitation to Bid

    2017-03-18-Items to Bid

    2017-03-20-Items to Bid

    2017-04-08-Items to Bid

    2017-04-21-Invitation to Bid

    2017-05-11-Invitation to Bid

    2017-06-07-Items to Bid (RFQ)


    2017-06-08-Items to Bid (RFQ)

    2017-06-09-Intems to Bid (RFQ)

    2017-06-20-Invitation to Bid

    2017-07-06-Invitation to Bid

    2017-08-05-Inviation to Bid

    2017-08-22-Invitation to Bid

    2017-09-05-Items to Bid

    2017-09-30-Invitation to Bid

    2016-10-28-Invitation to Bid

    2016-11-10-Invitation to Bid

    2016-11-29-Invitation to Bid

    2012-1st quarter-Invitation to bid

    2012-2nd quarter-Invitation to bid

    2012-3rd quarter-Invitation to bid

    2013-3rd quarter-Invitation to Bid

    2013-4th quarter-Invitation to Bid

    2014-1st quarter-Invitation to Bid

    2014-2nd quarter-Invitation to Bid

    2014-3rd quarter-Invitation to Bid

    2015-2nd quarter-Invitation to Bid

    2015-3rd quarter-Invitation to Bid

    2015-4th quarter-Invitation to Bid

    2016-3rd quarter-Invitation to Bid

    2016-4th quarter-Invitation to Bid

    Taguig City Hotlines

    Taguig City Hall 555- 7800 Police Taguig Mobile Patrol 0921-7221972
    Fire Department at City Hall 642-9982 Public Order & Safety Office 642-1261
    Fire Department Taguig Central 837-0740 / 837-4496 Taguig Environmental / Solid Waste 642-7557
    Fire Department at FTI 837-4496 Traffic Management Office 640-7006
    Lake & River Patrol 628-1377 Taguig-Pateros District Hospital 837-8132
    Office of Social Welfare & Development 555-7919 Taguig City Rescue 0917-5503727
    PNP Taguig / COP 642-2060 Taguig Emergency Hotline 165-7777
    Tactical Operation Center Police 642-3582 Taguig Command Center 789- 3200
    Police 117 / Emergency 1623 Doctors-On- Call 0917- 8210896