Taguig Learners’ Certificate (TLC)


A. General Guiding Principles

  • The TLC Program is designed to improve the quality of basic education in the City of Taguig by helping decongest public schools, decrease class size and student-teacher ratio, create a better learning environment for our students and teachers, lessen the burden of school management, and at the same time, enable private schools to share the privilege of educating more of our children.
  • The partnership in this Program with private schools is based on their willingness and readiness in terms of teachers, facilities, and track record. This is a privilege being given to them, subject to their performance and their compliance with the requirements of the Program.
  • This is a voluntary Program. No student may be compelled to become part of the Program or to transfer to a private school by force, influence and without their parent’s or guardian’s written consent.
  • An applicant need not enroll first in a public high school in order to qualify under this Program.
  • The current as well as the additional number of TLC beneficiaries shall be subject to the approved annual LSB budget.

B. Who can qualify as TLC beneficiaries?

  • must be a graduating student or a graduate of any public elementary school within the City; and must have been a public elementary school student with the city for the past 3 years immediately preceding the applicant’s graduation;
  • must be an incoming Grade 7 student;
  • must be with a good moral character as certified by the school principal;
  • must pass the qualifying examinations and related requirements, if any, of the private school where he/she intends to transfer to;
  • must have parents or guardian who are registered voters of the City, and are bona fide residents of the City for at least three (3) years prior to the application;
  • must voluntarily enter the Program with the written consent of the parents or guardian, who also commit to monitor and support the applicant.

C. Process Of Student Application

  • Interested student-applicant must fill out the TLC Application Form (available at LSB Secretariat Office), indicating clearly in the said form the three (3) preferred schools of the applicant, based on the approved list of partner schools, as well as the consent and commitment of support of the parents or guardian.
  • To be considered complete, the filled out application form must have the following attachments:
  1. Certified true copy of grades/card in their last school year, or graduation diploma in elementary;
  2. Certificate of Good Moral Character issued by the School Principal;
  3. Certified photocopy of the voter’s ID of the parents or guardian of the applicant or a COMELEC Certification that they are Taguig voters; and
  4. Certification from the Barangay Chairman or other proof of length of residency that will show that the parents or guardian of the applicant have been residents of Taguig for at least three (3) years prior to the application.
  • Upon completion of the requirements stated above, the same should be submitted by the applicant to the TLC Secretariat. As a rule, the Secretariat shall not accept or process any application with incomplete requirements.


D. What are the benefits, privileges, and duties of TLC beneficiaries?

  • Tuition Fee Subsidy. Every student-beneficiary shall enjoy a maximum of ten thousand pesos (P10,000.00) tuition fee subsidy per school year, subject to tax. The TLC Partner School with lower fees must only bill the City Government based on the actual tuition fee that they are charging the other students. The subsidy shall be paid by the City Government directly to partner schools.
  • Educational Assistance. Every student beneficiary shall receive five thousand pesos (P5,000.00) per school year as educational assistance under the Lifeline Assistance for Neighbor’s In-need (L.A.N.I.) Scholarship Program. This assistance shall be given directly to the TLC beneficiaries with the understanding that this will be used to pay for miscellaneous and other fees that may be due the school.
  • Eligibility to the LANI Scholarship Program. A TLC beneficiary shall have the privilege of being treated as a public high school student for purposes of his/her later application to the Lifeline Assistance for Neighbors In-need (L.A.N.I.) Scholarship Program for tech-voc and college students.
  • TLC Beneficiaries’ Requirement. To continue enjoying all these benefits and privileges, every TLC beneficiary is enjoined to be diligent in his/her studies, honest, peaceful and respectful in their dealings with people, and should always be vigilant for opportunities to show their love and service for the City.

D. Who can qualify as TLC partner schools?

  • All private schools in Taguig with PAASCU accreditation, DepEd recognition or permit, and an updated business permit from Taguig City Government shall be eligible to apply to be a TLC Partner School, provided they have a demonstrated capability to take in more high school students.
  • Priority will be given to those with PAASCU accreditation or DepEd recognition.

E. What are the requirements for aspiring TLC partner  schools?

  1. have updated business permits and other related matters;
  2. have facilities as mandated by the DepEd and/ or the TLC screening committee;
  3. have qualified and sufficient teaching personnel as mandated by the DepEd;
  4. have Basic Education Information System (BEIS);
  5. must submit other related documents necessary as requested/required by the TLC screening committee.

F. Application Process for TLC Partner Schools

  • The interested private educational institution that wants to be a TLC Partner School must fill out a TLC Partner School Application Form and attach the necessary documents as follows:
  1. Letter of Intent addressed to the City Mayor stating the reasons why the school should be accepted into the Program, and the number of slots that they can   reasonably accommodate,based on their existing facilities, faculty, and other  resources;
  2. Copy of PAASCU Accreditation or DepEd Recognition/Permit;
  3. Copy of Latest Business Permit from the Local Government;
  4. Hard copy of the School’s Basic Education Information System;
  5. Other related documents as necessary/required.
  • These documents shall be submitted to the TLC Secretariat Office. Incomplete application forms and requirements shall not be accepted or processed.










TLC FORM 2018-5(Certification)

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