– As of March 13, 2020, there is a total of 64 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the Philippines. Most of these cases are in the National Capital Region which also has 5 confirmed mortalities.


– There are no new confirmed cases in Taguig City. The number of confirmed case in the city remains at 1.




-Mayor Lino assured the citizens and stakeholders of an all-of-government approach in an emergency meeting with department heads today. He mobilized all local government agencies to help in the battle against COVID-19.


– He also appeals to all Taguig citizens and stakeholders to go beyond the government quarantine measures in order to combat aggressively the spread of COVID-19. He encourages each one of us to take responsibility in curtailing the spread of the virus. Each small step we take will be a step towards saving more lives. Let’s act fast and let’s act now. Stay at home. Limit travel, reconfigure staffing and work patterns, stop congregating. Follow government protocols.




– Taguig also met with major stakeholders of grocery stores in the city who assured the local government that there will be sufficient supply of goods during the entire period of the community quarantine. We still would like to advise the public to avoid overstocking essential items and ultimately depriving other consumers.


– We have started distributing free anti-COVID-19 kits to thousands of elderly individuals across the city. The kits contain soap, vitamin C supplements, face masks and informational materials. The city is preparing to distribute kits to citizens with preexisting conditions that increase their vulnerability.


– In a meeting today, Mayor extended his thanks and appreciation to Rev. Fr. Pedro Enrique “Betbet” Rabonza IV, the Judicial Vicar of the Diocese of Pasig (Pasig, Taguig and Pateros) who relayed to the local government that there will be NO Masses in parishes and chapels from March 14 until further notice.


– Taguig City also ordered the temporary closure of all barangay covered/basketball courts to prevent the spread of the virus in the community.


– Clubs and bars in Taguig City have closed voluntarily. The city expresses its sincere gratitude to the owners and managers of these establishments who vowed their full cooperation in the government’s initiatives to fight COVID-19.


– Restaurants and commercial establishments have been informed of social distancing measures requiring distance between customers.


– To further curtail movement in the city, there are ongoing talks with major mall operators like Market Market, SM Aura and Vista Mall about new limited mall hours to be announced tomorrow.


– Discussions are ongoing on local public transport sector and announcement on new social distancing measures will be announced tomorrow.


– To address the specific queries of those who work in Metro Manila but live outside the Metropolis, we ask that you wait for guidelines from the national government. BUT for Taguig stakeholders, we urge you to implement a plan immediately for alternative work spaces outside Metro Manila to curtail movement within the city.


– For those who live in Taguig and work outside Metro Manila, we ask that you make arrangements with your employer for work-at-home options.




Taguig City Hotlines

Taguig City Hall 555- 7800 Police Taguig Mobile Patrol 0921-7221972
Fire Department at City Hall 642-9982 Public Order & Safety Office 642-1261
Fire Department Taguig Central 837-0740 / 837-4496 Taguig Environmental / Solid Waste 642-7557
Fire Department at FTI 837-4496 Traffic Management Office 640-7006
Lake & River Patrol 628-1377 Taguig-Pateros District Hospital 838-34-85
Office of Social Welfare & Development 555-7919 Taguig City Rescue 0919-0703112
PNP Taguig / COP 642-35-82 Taguig Emergency Hotline 165-7777
Tactical Operation Center Police 642-3582 Taguig Command Center 789- 3200
Police 117 / Emergency 1623 Doctors-On- Call 0917- 8210896
Trunkline 555-78-52/555-7854