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Taguig signs deal with AstraZeneca; in talks with other vaccine suppliers to complement nat’l gov’t supply

Taguig inked a deal to procure COVID-19 vaccines from biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, and is in talks with other vaccine suppliers but clarified that it is expecting the first delivery from the national government and the local government procurement will only serve to complement the national government supply.


“The national government’s allotment will come first. We expect it during the first quarter but that will be for medical frontliners and the vulnerable sectors so we have already been preparing our vaccination sites and vaccination protocols,” said Mayor Lino Cayetano.


“We want however ALL Taguigeños to have access to the COVID vaccine. ALL LGU procurement of vaccines, we are told will come AFTER the national government allotment and that will be sometime during the last quarter of 2021,” Mayor Lino added.


The Taguig City mayor explained that health experts agree that immunizing people is key to ending this pandemic soonest . “So far, we have ensured that our testing, disease surveillance and treatment services meet the highest standards. We certainly plan to continue leading as we approach the homestretch,” he added.


Taguig City currently has 43 active cases and consistently holds the lowest active cases per 100,000 population with only 4 active cases. The city is also among the lowest case fatalities at 1.58 percent. However, as of January 10, NCR has 2,650 active cases based on the data released by LGUs on their social media pages and websites. This is equivalent to 18 active cases per 100k population. The case fatality rate of NCR is currently at 2.93 percent.


This has caused Mayor lino to remind Taguigeños that Metro Manila should be viewed as one mega city because while there is freedom of movement, “we need to be prepared for cases to rise as the overall numbers in Metro Manila is still high. From testing to treatment to vaccination, all Metro Manila cities have to continue working together.”


On January 5, Taguig City announced a P13.5-billion recovery fund for 2021, with P1 billion earmarked for free vaccines conducted citywide. Mayor Lino shared that the city had been planning for vaccination since September last year.


The AstraZeneca deal Taguig City has entered has the approval of the National Task Force Against COVID-19 and the Department of Health.


Aside from AstraZeneca preorder, the city is in talks with other companies. “Following the advice of our scientists and experts we are looking at all available options and continue to be aggressive in our preparation and research into other vaccines and new technologies to help end COVID-19,” noted Mayor Lino.


There have been concerns about the complications in transporting and storing the vaccines but Taguig is ready.  “We have one of the best public immunization programs in the country and the DOH has cited Taguig in the past years for this,” he added.


Although AstraZeneca vaccine requires refrigeration temperature like most current vaccines, Taguig is also working on a rollout plan for Vaccines that need sub zero temperatures like Pfizers’ BNT162b2.


“This is why we prepared for several vaccines, we want to be ready to execute based on what it’s immediately available” the goals in vaccination remains to be able to inoculate all Taguigeños safely and immediately. We are constantly working on these to goals. Safety and speed and working closely with the national government is key,” Mayor Lino said. ###


Numerous violations of health and safety protocols reported

“We may be facing a new lockdown and quarantine restrictions soon.”

We are working hard to make Taguig City safe and open for business, having the lowest number of active cases per population. However, the freedom of movement in Metro Manila and the recklessness of some establishments and citizens has begun to compromise the gains we have made over the last few months.

There have been neglect of orders for no social gatherings, parties with multiple households, overcapacity in restaurants, bars that operate in secret, and playing of contact sports like basketball that is unregulated.

Yesterday, we received numerous reports of these violations. I hope these establishments and citizens realize that their reckless behavior will bring us closer to another spike in our cases and a possible lockdown that would harm both our public health system and our economy that we have been working so hard to rebuild.

We have seen this before in Barangay Fort Bonifacio where  we went from having 0 to 300 cases in a week. Early detection and active disease surveillance allowed us to contain that outbreak and have all 300 recovered.

Now, despite being aggressive in opening businesses, we remain to have the lowest active cases per population in Metro Manila and around the world. As of today, Taguig has 7 cases per 100,000 population compared to the whole of Metro Manila with 22 cases per 100,00 population. Our city has lower active cases per population compared to Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Seoul.

We are on the right track but if we become careless, we will face bigger problems ahead.

We have seen it in homes that held parties, restaurants that disregarded rules, bars that operated despite the ban, and events that are unregulated or misrepresented themselves. Because of this, we may soon be facing an even more dangerous wave that will force us to impose a lockdown. It has happened all around the world, we’ve so far managed to avoid it with strong government regulation and citizen cooperation.

Let us stay disciplined and committed so we can continue to stop transmission, save lives, and be open for business safely.

Children aged 17 years old and below are not allowed to access malls during GCQ.

Effective December 3, Taguig City adopts the recommendation of Metro Manila Council in consultation with the Philippine…

Posted by I Love Taguig on Thursday, December 3, 2020

Taguig Launches Teaching Hubs

LGU Distributes tablets to ease academic challenges for educators and students

A teacher opens the door to a classroom at Taguig City University (TCU) and finds a space to conduct new normal classes with state-of-the-art information and communication technologies.

An initial 10 classrooms at TCU transformed into “teaching hubs” on Nov. 25 through the Sharpened Online Learning program, the university’s comprehensive response to ensure quality tertiary education in the time of COVID-19.

The local government of Taguig City through the City Education Office improved classrooms to meet teachers’ needs using resources available onsite – adapting their materials, technologies, and styles for efficient and effective teaching that fit into the demands of COVID-19 and the new future in education.

Each teaching hub is equipped with studio equipment as well as a technical team to assist faculty members conducting live online classes. As a side note, the facility may be used to prepare videos for synchronous and asynchronous sessions. Teachers are also provided cozy lounges and coffee bars to give them an extra energy boost.

“Ultimately, we want our students at TCU and in the whole public school system to learn, even when the setup is different. Understanding that the adjustment can be difficult, we have made sure to introduce measures that would ease the burden on both educator and learner,” said Mayor Lino Cayetano.

Taguig City helped students bridge the digital divide by providing for some of their most pressing needs in the new normal distance learning setting. TCU students received around 8,700 computer tablets.

This help would provide opportunities for growth outside the academic setting. The students may use the devices to conduct research, do self-paced virtual learning or even seek part-time employment. In addition to the devices, City Hall also released allowances amounting to P5,000-10,000 to TCU students.

The city also distributed almost 300 computer tablets to all the full-time and part-time faculty members of the city-owned university so that educators wouldn’t feel left out in the digital leap. These efforts are still part of the Sharpened Online Learning program.

The TCU faculty will link up the teaching hubs to an online framework specially designed by respective colleges to deliver quality education. Teachers will conduct virtual classes through the Taguig Online Resources & Community Hub learning management system (TORCH- LMS), closely related to the system used by education authorities in Ontario and Calgary in Canada, and Ohio, Georgia, West Virginia, Alabama and New York in the United States.

Preempting a migration to the virtual platform due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the local government prepared the TCU faculty and nonteaching staff by getting them through online courses with Skillsoft, an international online education program provider. This service was provided through the Training and Enrichment Courses from Taguig Online Campus or TECTOC. Faculty members also underwent training for online learning using LMS with Computer Assisted Learning Philippines.

The City of Taguig’s academic-centric programs and initiatives is proof that the local government holds high regard for education. One of the educational reforms that is core to Taguig’s mandate is the LANI Scholarship Program, this was established by then Mayor now Congresswoman Lani Cayetano wherein financial assistance is provided to thousands of deserving college students. In the year 2019, the budget for this scholarship increased exponentially to P675 million with over 57,318 scholars during that time.

Former Mayor and now Taguig 2nd Dist. Rep. Lani Cayetano also made strides the last few years making TCU 100 percent tuition-free, and made it possible for a 5 thousand per semester allowance for all students and has distinguished topnotchers for Education and Criminology.

“We have always prided ourselves for being one step ahead in our preparations for the COVID-19 pandemic, and the education system is no exception,” said Mayor Lino. “From hardware to software, we covered all the bases. We know very well that learning has to continue whatever the circumstances may be. Our commitment to a better, inclusive and forward-thinking education system continues, even amid a pandemic,” he added.


Taguig City Hotlines

Taguig City Hall 555- 7800 Police Taguig Mobile Patrol 0921-7221972
Fire Department at City Hall 642-9982 Public Order & Safety Office 642-1261
Fire Department Taguig Central 837-0740 / 837-4496 Taguig Environmental / Solid Waste 642-7557
Fire Department at FTI 837-4496 Traffic Management Office 640-7006
Lake & River Patrol 628-1377 Taguig-Pateros District Hospital 838-34-85
Office of Social Welfare & Development 555-7919 Taguig City Rescue 0919-0703112
PNP Taguig / COP 642-35-82 Taguig Emergency Hotline 165-7777
Tactical Operation Center Police 642-3582 Taguig Command Center 789- 3200
Police 117 / Emergency 1623 Doctors-On- Call 0917- 8210896
Trunkline 555-78-52/555-7854