Business Permits and Licensing Office

The City of Taguig requires a business permit for anyone who plans to do business. To be issued a business permit the applicant must submit an application along with supporting documents

Lodge an application:

Important Notes:
– This form will take you five to ten minutes to answer.
– Make sure you have all the documentary requirements ready when you submit your application. Incomplete requirements cannot be processed.

Several documents are required by the BPLO to help determine if it should grant a permit to do business. Review the list below for the requirements to start a business:

+If you are a corporation/cooperative:
+If you are a single proprietor:
Certain types of businesses have additional requirements before they can operate. Listed below are some of the industry-specific requirements that you must submit

Additional requirements for specific businesses
  • Clinics
  • Day Care Center – Day Care Accreditation (DSWD)
  • Funeral Parlors – CENRO Clearance
  • Hauling Services – CENRO Clearance
  • High Risk Businesses – TMO Clearance
  • Homeowners Associations – Certification (DHSUD)
  • Hospital – License to Operate (DOH)
  • Hotels – License to Operate (DOT)
  • Laboratory – License to Operate (DOH)
  • Laundry – CENRO Clearance
  • Lawyers, Physicians, and other professions claiming exception – Professional Tax Receipt (PTR)
  • Learning Institutions – Recognition or Certificate (DepEd)
  • Lying-in Clinics or Birthing Homes – License to Operate (DOH)
  • Meat Seller or Distributor – Certificate of Accreditation or License to Operate (NMIS)
  • New Business/Transferee – Certificate of Retirement from the previous business location, Financial Statement & VAT Returns, and Amendment SEC or G.I.S. w/SEC Stamp
  • PEZA Registered Enterprise – PEZA Registration, Certificate of Entitlement, ITH Holiday, B.I.R., Form 1702 Q and O.R. Showing 2% Shares payment to Taguig
  • Pharmacy and businesses that sell or manufacture cosmetics – License to Operate (FDA)
  • Private Lending Companies – Certificate of Authority (SEC)
  • Private Technical Vocational Schools – Recognition (TESDA)
  • Private Tertiary and University – Recognition (CHED)
  • Selling or repair of guns – PNP Clearance
  • Stalls Located at the Sta. Ana talipapa – Certificate (MMO)
  • Veterinary Clinics and Pet Grooming – Certification of Registration BAI
You may amend your business permit anytime during your permit’s validity period. There is no limit to the number of times a permit can be amended. Note that requirements vary depending on the type of amendment you are seeking.
  1. Change of Business Name
  2. Change of Trade Name
  3. Change of Line of Business
  4. Additional Line of Business
  5. Additional Truck/s, Additional Selling of Liquor/Soft drinks/Cigarette or Additional License to Serve Liquor 10pm/2am
  6. Change of Address
  7. Change of Floor Area
  8. Adjustment of Tax Base
  9. Request to Specify nature of business

NOTE: If you have additional line of business, make sure to submit the additional requirements for specific businesses as well.

Business Permits expire annually on December 31. You may renew your business permit from January 1 to January 20 of the following year. Make sure to plan your renewal early to avoid long lines and penalties if you miss the payment deadlines.

Make sure you submit the following:
    • BPLO Requirements
      1. Application form
      2. Current Barangay Clearance
      3. Insurance Policy or official receipt of Comprehensive General Liability (CGL)
      4. Recent Official Receipt for Fire Safety Insurance Certificate
      5. Recent Community Tax Certificate (CEDULA)
      6. Certificate of Good Standing (for cooperatives)
  • To support the assessment of business taxes:
    1. SEC Registration/Articles of Incorporation/CDA Accreditation
    2. Official Receipt for the previous Business Permit
    3. Original or copy of previous Business Permit
    4. Real Property Tax (RPT)
    5. Lessor Permit of lessor & photocopy of Lease Contract or affidavit of consent (place of business)
    6. Certificate of Gross Receipts for the previous year (signed by the President and Treasurer)
    7. Audit Financial Statements from the previous year (stamped “RECEIVED” by the BIR/or Quarterly VAT Returns – 1st Qtr. to 3rd Qtr. (BIR Form 2550Q) or Quarterly Percentage Tax Returns (BIR Form 2551Q)/or Monthly VAT Returns (BIR Form 2550M) or Monthly Percentage Tax Returns (BIR Form 2551M)
  1. Application for Designated Smoking and Vaping Area
    • Application Form
    • Floor Plan
    • Photo of proposed designated smoking and vaping area
    • Certificate of Occupancy
    • Latest Business Permit
    • Safety Seal

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