Mayor Lani Cayetano orders the relief and investigation of head of security group tasked to protect her, her office and the City Hall.

At around 1:45 a.m. Saturday, Mayor Maria Laarni “Lani” Cayetano personally acted on complaint that a police Major was being abusive in the said establishment  and even discharged his firearm. Immediately sending Taguig PNP personnel to said resto bar and ordering a thorough investigation.
According to Team Cayetano spokesman and former Councilor Atty. Darwin Bernabe Icay, Mayor Lani gave strict instructions to Taguig Police Chief, Sr. Superintendent Camilo Cascolan to conduct an immediate investigation.


Icay said mayor Lani ordered Cascolan to be fair but firm while encouraging witnesses to come forward and assuring them that no one is above the law and that a fair investigation will be immediately conducted.
The Taguig mayor also called for a discreet but thorough investigation into alleged reports that a member of the local police station is engaged in “extortion” activities in some business establishments in the city.
Icay said that “Mayor Lani will not tolerate any form of illegal activities by any member of the local police force. Her office will not hesitate to file the necessary cases once this report is proven true.  She will not tolerate this culture of corruption, obviously cultivated and has become SOP or kalakaran long before she became mayor.  She ran on a platform of good governance, all out war against corruption, illegal drugs, and abusive police or local government employees behavior, directly and head on.  Yung nakasanayan na dating pangongotong ng mga tiwali sa pulis at mga lokal na opisyal ay hindi uubra kay mayorL ani. Parusahan ang dapat parusahan”.
Mayor Lani told Cascolan to immediately conduct investigation and upon completion, to file appropriate administrative and criminal cases against the alleged abusive PNP official.
Explained Icay, “These extortion activities must be stopped at all cost because this is sending a negative message to the business community. The mayor will not allow these extortion activities to continue and we will stop these once and for all.
Along this line Mayor Lani  called on jeepney and tricycle drivers, vendors and business establishments owners  not pay fees which are being collected without ordinances or legal written authorization especially if there are no official receipts.  She asked Taguig residents and business owners to report those who are claiming to be authorized to collect such illegal fees or protection money.
On Monday Mayor Lani will announce a hotline where Taguig residents and businessmen may be able to anonymously complain about extortion or abusive behavior by Police, City Hall employees or national government employees assigned in Taguig City.
Icay added that Mayor Lani lamented that the few abusive police officials that give the PNP a bad name.  “Most PNP officials and personnel risk their lives everyday to protect and serve our people. It is Mayor Lani’s hope that the immediate action on this incident and reports be made so as to  help build people’s faith and support on the PNP and Mayor Lani’s Leadership.” ###




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