President Duterte visits Taguig Center for the Elderly; commends Taguig for its programs for seniors


First wellness hub for seniors in the country


President Rodrigo Roa Duterte personally visited the Taguig Center for the Elderly, the country’s pioneer wellness hub for senior citizens, on November 21, 2019.


The President of the Republic of the the Philippines recognized the efforts of the local government in taking care of its senior citizens.


“I join the City Government of Taguig in its mission to alleviate the plight of the elderly population. As one of the countries highly urbanized cities, I give due recognition in its efforts in securing the welfare of this vulnerable sector,” the President said in his speech.


He added that the features at the Center for the Elderly and the programs of the Taguig for the seniors “will surely make them healthier and more productive as they endure old age. These also can be their source of strength and inspiration as they continue to enjoy their lives and share in our collective task of developing a nurturing society.”


President Duterte encouraged the local officials to carry on the city’s banner of “malasakit” for the elderly even as they continue to sustain Taguig’s rapidly booming economy.


He also considered Taguigenos as “very lucky” because it is blessed with resources which are used for the common good.”


Pumunta sila [investors] dito because Taguig is now a place [where it is] safe to invest and it is clean and there is less crime,” President Duterte emphasized.


He added that he appreciated the city government’s commitment “in ensuring that no constituent—regardless of gender, status or age—will be left behind as your city continues to grow and prosper.”


“For me, this program is an honest proof of your solidarity with the national government in promoting inclusivity, fairness and good governance. May you
continue to support this administration’s development agenda and I wish that your pursuit to uplift the lives of our senior citizens will be emulated by other city and municipal governments in the country,” President Duterte said.


“So congratulations on the success of this project.  And mabuhay ang Taguig!” the President concluded.



Taguig Center for the Elderly


The new hub opened last April is a five-storey building on Ipil-Ipil Street, North Signal village, offering rest and relaxation to Taguigeño elders raring to recharge.


As a probinsyudad, Taguig does not leave its value behind even as the city continues to aim high.  “This center means that our elders have an esteemed place in this city; that they have a place where they can enjoy, pamper themselves, build their circles,” Taguig City Mayor Lino Cayetano said.


Around those descriptions, the building was designed with grand facilities to accommodate all the needs of senior citizens.


The first floor features a therapy pool, where seniors can do exercises for pain relief, improved balance, and strength and flexibility, and improved balance. Also on the level are a conference room, offices, clinic, pantry and PWD-friendly restrooms.


The second floor greets the seniors with a massage room and two saunas. They can get their groove on in the ballroom, which can also double as a zumba or yoga room and gym. A waiting lounge can also be a place where they can do their readings or just relax while waiting.


The third floor houses a dialysis center for seniors which can cater to 15 patients at a time.


The fourth floor houses the multipurpose halls. It can be repurposed for town hall events but, on regular days, has loads of boardgames, such as all-time favorites chess and scrabble. The great lighting makes it an ideal place for knitting and a host of other crafts fancied by those wanting to pass the time in bliss — or, selfies for the more contemporary lolos and lolas. Here, city programs like diabetes orientation and laboratory testing can also be hosted.


The fifth floor has a Cinema with cozy couches, for the enthusiasts of the “pinilakang tabing.” The exit door empties into the Rooftop Garden that makes one appreciate life in the probinsyudad.


The building is as friendly to elderlies as they get. There are ramps for those coming in wheelchairs. Stairs connect the floors, but there is an elevator for those with mobility challenges. The center is manned by friendly and hospitable staff eager toserve their elderly clients. A clinic is also set up in the building manned with medical personnel to respond to the medical needs of the elderly.


The services come at no cost to the senior citizens of Taguig. City buses and coasters even carry them for free to and from the Center.


In Taguig, senior citizens are loved and cared for. They receive a yearly birthday cash gift of P3,000 to P10,000 depending on their age. They also get P100,000 when they reach the age of 100 and receive the same amount yearly as long as they live.


They also get free vaccination, prescription eyeglasses, dentures and dental services and movies. Maintenance medicines for asthma, hypertension and diabetes are delivered straight to their homes. Seniors are also one of the most visited sector of the city’s pioneering program called Home Health which is composed of nurses and physical therapists who visit debilitated patients in their homes and teach family members on how to take care of their ill loved ones. ###

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