Taguig 2015 graduates grow to almost 20,000

With local gov’t support to education

“Education is a right, not a privilege.”

 Taguig City Mayor Lani Cayetano gave this statement as she reported that a total of 19,705 students from Taguig City’s public schools are set to walk up the stage to receive their diplomas and academic recognitions during the graduation rites scheduled next week.

 Mayor Lani is congratulating the students and their parents, saying she is like a parent proud of the achievements of the graduating students from elementary and secondary schools.

 “It is true that education is a right for every student and not just a privilege for the few who can afford it. In Taguig City, we value the future of our students. We consider our investment in education an investment for our future doctors, engineers, businessmen, executives and government leaders,” Mayor Lani said.

 This year’s number of graduates from Taguig City public elementary schools reached 11,654, higher than last year’s 11,327. In Taguig City public high schools, on the other hand, this year’s number of graduates reached 8,051, higher than last year’s 7,840.


Education For All

 Knowing that education should be made available to every Taguigeño who wants it, Mayor Lani said the city government continuously churn up effective educational programs to accommodate the increasing number of students each year.

 Mayor Lani added that the city government, through the Department of Education in Taguig, also updates the quality of education being delivered to students to keep up with the phase of producing not only mere graduates but quality graduates that are at par with the students coming from other private schools.

 She is also encouraging high school graduates to continue their education up to the tertiary level with the free college education being offered by the city government through Taguig City University (TCU).

 The students at the TCU are also full scholars of Taguig City because the city government shoulders all the tuition fees and miscellaneous expenses of its students.

 “These graduates are set to face a new chapter of their lives as they embrace a higher level of learning offered by the city government of Taguig,” she said, adding that the local government is dedicated to provide high quality education and produce excellent educators to guide and mold young minds in Taguig.

 In the September 2013 Licensure Examination for Teachers, TCU ranked first among all local universities and colleges with its passing rate of 84.85 percent. In the October 2013 Criminology Board Examination, TCU ranked 2nd among all local universities and colleges and 3rd overall under Category A with 126 passers and a 79.25 percent passing rate. In the registered master electrician board examination, TCU had a passing rate of 90.92 percent.

 Mayor Lani likewise reassured parents and students that public schools in Taguig, as in previous years under her administration, will not charge anything for the graduation of its students.

 The Taguig City government also offers scholarship vouchers for graduating students with honorable mentions, cash vouchers for students who are top in their class, P10,000 college application vouchers for all graduating students that they can encash when they enroll in any college or university and cash incentives for elementary graduates who are top in their class.


Live Streaming

 She said the City of Taguig will also broadcast live on the internet the streaming of the graduation rites of every public school in Taguig.

 “Students and their families who wish to share their academic milestones, including commencement, with their loved ones outside town or country can now be viewed on the internet,” Mayor Lani said.

 Those who want to view the live streaming of the graduation rites can simply go tohttps://www.taguig.gov.ph/taguig-graduation-rites-on-live-video-stream-zero-fees/.


Mayor Lani said the local government of Taguig would like this year’s graduation to be something special because this will be the last batch of fourth year and Grade 6 students to experience the regular graduation program following the implementation of K+12 program.  ####

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