Taguig City Council Approves “People’s Budget” for 2011


As funding for public service now safe and assured, Taguig City Mayor Maria Laarni “Lani” Cayetano expressed her heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the Almighty God and the City Council for the passage of what she dubbed as the “People’s Budget” of the city government.

According to Atty. Darwin Bernabe Icay, Mayor Lani’s spokesperson, passing the budget is quite vital and as such the mayor wholeheartedly thanked all those who support it.

Icay said that the P3.7 billion 2011 budget allocation has been called the “People’s” and the “Reform Budget” since it makes a huge “investment” in human capital or for the development of each Taguigeño.

Examples of such investment is the P100 million allocated for scholarships; P125 million for Taguig city hospital; P125 million for Taguig City University; P570 million for various infrastructure projects (a second hospital for district 1, health centers, school buildings, daycare centers, sport centers and roads) and P75 million for medicine).

Mayor Lani particularly lauded the councilors who despite coming from another political party set aside their differences and prioritized the welfare of their constituents, Icay added. The councilors who supported the budget are AP Bartolome, Erwin Manalili, Jimmy Labampa, Gigi Valenzuela, Jojo Geron, Gamie San Pedro, Carlito Ogalinola, Rick Jordan and ABC President Ding Dong Santos.

Icay pointed out that the new budget will enforce sweeping reforms as Mayor Lani cut the expenditures on controversial contracts concerning Garbage Hauling, Information Technology Services and Integrated Security Services while investment spending for people and infrastructure was raised. The lion’s share of the budget has been allocated for public service.

“In her desire to enforce reforms and improve public service in Taguig City, Mayor Lani took off a good chunk from the budget of the office of the mayor. From P676,406,651 in 2010 during the time of ex-mayor Tiñga, the mayor’s office budget for 2011 is P443,906,304, a difference of P232,500,347. Mayor Lani had the difference in budget transfused to front line services and infrastructure.

Social Services got allotted P894,212,331 for 2011 from a previous 2010 budget of P634,253,920.38 or an increase of P259,960,410.62 pesos or 40.99 percent. Economic services increased by 35.57 percent from P607,408,057.34 to P823,451,202 or an increase of P216,043,144.56.

From a mere P5 million, budget for scholarship is now P100 million. Financial assistance for Polytechnic University of the Philippines was raised from P650,000 to P2.65 million. Meanwhile, the Technological University of the Philippines, which received zero assistance in 2010, will be given P2 million for 2011.

Taguig City University’s budget swelled to P125 million from the customary P50 million. Another P125 million was allocated to Taguig City Hospital Budget for 2011. Mayor Lani will also have a new hospital built with an initial allocation of P50 million. From P28 million, budget for medicine is now P75 million.

As for gender and development, its budget climbed from P15 million to P75 million. For capital outlay and various projects (infrastructure, equipment, repair and maintenance), its budget for 2011 is P570,000,000.

It should also be noted that controversial expenditures prone to graft and corruption like Integrated Environmental Services trimmed down by P100 million pesos.

In conclusion, Icay said that the year 2011 will be vital since it will mark the beginning of a new chapter in the history of Taguig. It is expected that starting 2011, the projects and programs that aim to improve the quality of life among Taguigeños will see full implementation. This is despite all the attempts to sabotage Mayor Lani’s administration by people who have a penchant for bad politics.

“In 2010, Taguig saw the ugly face of sabotage, traditional politics and perceived triumph of partisan politics. We are thankful that before 2010 ends, Mayor Lani’s Administration received the support of the majority of the city council, majority of both the barangay chairpersons and the S.K Chairpersons.

Mayor Lani’s brand of public service will not be halted even if the previous budget of the local government was nearly sucked dry, coupled with the sabotaging of the new administration via the midnight donation of 300 vehicles, computers, chairs, emergency lights, cctv, monitors, etc. There will be no stopping the launch of new programs from the Cayetano administration in the field of education, health, livelihood, business and peace and order.

Although the previous administration left a debt of P1.2 billion, this did not prevent the huge allocation for services that will be felt directly by residents of Taguig City.

2011 will be a banner year for Mayor Lani and her administration. With majority support from councilors and barangay and S.K. chairpersons, expect meaningful reforms in the area of social services, peace and order, infrastructure, and positive business climate.

The LORD loves the people of Taguig. We Taguigenos should Love Taguig! And In Loving GOD and Our City, The administration of Mayor Lani will redefine Taguig in terms of being the best place to live in and do business in”.

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