Taguig: MR stays the execution of CA decision on Fort Bonifacio

The Motion for Reconsideration (MR) filed by the local of government of Taguig before the Court of Appeals (CA) stays the execution of its July 30 decision to award the jurisdiction over Fort Bonifacio to Makati.

Taguig Mayor Lani Cayetano made this assertion as she appealed to Makati to respect the rule of law on the matter and wait for a final resolution on the case before undertaking any action or issue any statement that only tends to sow confusion and tension in the disputed territory.

“With the filing of MR, we again would like to clarify that status quo prevails in Fort Bonifacio. Taguig will continue to exercise jurisdiction over Fort Bonifacio. I assure all our constituents in the area, including the business community in Bonifacio Global City, that the local government is on top of the situation,” Mayor Lani stressed.

According to Taguig’s legal department, jurisprudence and the rules of procedure in the country’s justice system all say that the filing of a motion for reconsideration suspends the execution of a decision.

Stop sowing tension in Fort Boni

“So let’s all be responsible and not confuse the residents and business community and sow tension amongst our own people. Let’s be responsible enough to take care of our constituents and their safety,” Mayor Lani said.

She likewise lamented Makati’s efforts to create tension when the latter sent its traffic arm MAPSA to the disputed territory apparently to make its presence felt in the area which is still under Taguig’s jurisdiction.

“Such actions are irresponsible, unprofessional, and unproductive as they only create tension between employees of the two local governments. Let’s be more mindful of the safety of our people,” Mayor Lani pointed out.

The local government of Taguig on Thursday, Aug. 22, filed an MR before the CA’s Sixth Division against its July 30 decision awarding portions of Fort Bonifacio to Makati.

The 135-page motion contained arguments to prove that the city’s claim of ownership over Fort Bonifacio is superior to that of Makati and everyone else.

“Taguig’s claim has the backing of history – it precedes Makati as a political and corporate entity by decades. Taguig’s claim has the weight of official authority behind it – in statutes, in proclamations, in public documents – while Makati can only rely on private writings and proclamations that expand the original terms of that which it sought to amend,” said the Motion.

“Taguig’s claim has been established by the numerous documentary and official documents, while Makati’s has been one characterized by numerous legal maneuvers and overreliance on technicalities,” it added.

The motion also said that the CA decision on the case, whatever it may be, will “necessarily impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands residents and tens of thousands of business establishments.”

The decision will affect the transactions and plans of companies who are “tired of bureaucratic red tape and needless local government intrusion,” most of whom transferred to Taguig due to lower taxes, better services and business policies, the statement noted.

A substantial portion of the city’s annual budget of around P5 billion comes from BGC.

With this, the financial district’s revenue is supporting the 28 barangays under Taguig’s jurisdiction.

“The lives, dreams and aspirations of real people will be affected by the decision,” the motion stated.

The local government funds the education of 20,000 scholars under the city’s P300-million scholarship program; some 10,000 college students study for free at the city’s university, more than 100,000 daycare to high school students receive free ready-to-wear uniforms, bags, shoes and school supplies.

Also, Taguig provides maintenance medicines for its sick constituents, along with wheelchairs, canes and crutches for the people who need it.

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